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Zimbabwe Youth Sustainable Development Goals (ZYSDG) Trust is a specialist non-profit organization (NPO) which was formed in 2019 with a mission to assist young people to participate in the national sustainable development agenda.

The active engagement of youth in sustainable development efforts is central to achieving sustainable, inclusive and stable societies and to avert the worst threats and challenges to sustainable development, including the impacts of unemployment, poverty, gender inequality, and irregular migration. The ZYSDG through its Integrated Community Development Program incorporates all youth-focused and international organizations that foster youth-driven activities to enhance its capacity in addressing challenges that hinder youth progress and efforts towards sustainable development.

The vision is to be the leading charity organization that drives the implementation of sustainable development goals among young people in Zimbabwe. This vision is achieved through creation of platforms and space for constructive dialogues and positive engagement of the youth through many innovative ways that can unleash several economic, political and social potentials and also secure the future of Zimbabwe. 


The ZYSDG is going to remain committed and steadfast towards economic transformation and infrastructure development. The key principles that guide its mandate include, integrity, professionalism, and a non-discriminatory approach in service delivery in any dimensional aspect, be it gender, political affiliation, health or mental status. As a reputable, professional, principled and knowledgeable organization, the ZYSDG is assured of making significant contributions to the developmental agenda of Zimbabwe through the capacitation of the Zimbabwean youth.


The ZYSDG has the vision to transform the economy through mobilization of the youth to actively participate at all levels towards the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.


To become the leading charitable Trust in Zimbabwe which foster the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals among young people through establishing positive engagements, partnerships, and synergies with various national, regional and international stakeholders.

“There is a powerful potential in youth, and it must be directed towards good ends.”

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