Zimbabwe Youth Sustainable Development Goals on the event of the World Suicide Prevention Day



Sep 10 — 2 mins read

The Zimbabwe Youth Sustainable Development Goals (ZYSDG) joins the rest of the world in celebrating the World Suicide Prevention Day. This day is celebrated globally on the 10th of September every year.

ZYSDG recognizes the importance of good mental health in every one since it helps in achieving the third goal of the 17 sustainable development goals which were set aside by the United Nations in September 2015.

SDG3 Good Health and Wellbeing encompasses all forms of health be it mental, physical and even spiritual heath. We are already in the decade of action and the agenda 2030 should be implemented fully when we reach the end of this decade.

This year’s world suicide prevention day comes at a time when the world is battling the deadly Covid 19 pandemic which has brought about many unexpected miseries to the young people around the world.

The Government enforced a lockdown which saw many young people who are not formally employed (the bulk of Zimbabwean youth) failing to sustain themselves and their families. Many of them were living from hand to mouth and barely had any savings for emergencies.

Those who were formally employed were affected too because some got their salaries cut down and some even got retrenched because the companies could not adapt to the new situation created by the pandemic.

These are all situations that can give rise to anxiety and depression which are the major causes of suicidal thoughts. Once one feels alone and lost the next thing is thinking what there are even doing alive?

This is where the family and peers are supposed to come in now. It is our responsibility to make sure that our neighbours are safe and healthy. Let us make it a part of us to always speak encouraging words to our friends and family members even in their darkest times so that they do not feel alone.

There are organizations such as Friendship Bench, Mental Health Youth Support Network Trust, Young People Mental Health Trust, Africa Arise Charity, Moti-Talk Youth Group and Children of Africa for Development. Their doors are always open for the young people facing mental health challenges, do not hesitate to give them a call and get help.