Zimbabwe Youth Sustainable Development Goals strengthens its partnership with Zimbabwe Anti- Corruption Commission.



Oct 01 — 2 mins read

By David Zezai

Following their dedicated promise to integrate young people in their national strategy, the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) went into further discussions with the Zimbabwe Youth Sustainable Development Goals (ZYSDG) intending to walk the journey of fighting corruption together. The objectives of the discussion were to; facilitate official collaboration between the two parties, enhance their capacity in discharging their mandate, widen their operational coverage in light of the devolution concept centered on youth inclusion.

In his opening remarks, Dr. Magiga, Head of Ethics and Public Education commended ZYSDG for convening a constructive dialogue on the International Peace Day. He clarified that the ZACC’s national anti-corruption strategy incorporates young people, and their offices are open to any initiatives or ideas from youth that bring solutions in curbing corrption.

 ZACC highlighted an interest to educate young people across the nation about its constitutional mandate, emphasizing on subjects, functions, powers, national strategies, and opportunities to partner with individuals and institutions in delivering its mandate. Engagement with young people will also provide an opportunity for ZACC to educate them about the recently launched whistleblower protection framework.

ZYSDG which is actively involved in promoting the participation of youths towards the implementation of the 2030 agenda for sustainable development, will be playing a key role in mobilizing the convention of young people at different community levels. The ZYSDG Executive Director, Mr. Jasper Mangwana, said they have a clearly defined vision to empower young people through creating platforms for them to be educated about the national development strategies across sectors. He added that the ZYSDG is primarily focused on providing solutions to the existing problems, hence ready to partner with any organization that shares the same vision. Corruption is a barrier to the attainment of the Global Goals hence the need to have young people to play a critical role on creating a corrupt free environment.


Bishop Chikuni, the anti-commission steering committee chairperson, stressed that church leaders should take an active role in fighting corruption and molding young people to priorities development. He added that most of the people in Zimbabwe, subscribe to a particular church, and their leaders should provide the necessary guidance and convict spirits of poverty and violence among young people.

The discussions were held on the 25th of September 2020 at the ZACC offices in Harare, where the two parties will be continuously convening for further discussions of the strategy implementation approach and to deliberate on other key issues as needed.